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Over the last five decades, thousands of publications have documented the physiological and psychological benefits of mindfulness meditation; these include boosting immunity and increasing longevity to enhancing mental acuity and improving emotional resilience.

While the science around meditation is recent, meditation has been around for thousands of years, reaching back into prehistory. Although the practice has roots in major wisdom traditions, meditation as a formal system was developed out of the spiritual traditions of India.

Meditation today


Today, as the popularity of meditation increases, so does the number of its applications and techniques. Interest in meditation can especially be seen in the corporate sector.

More Fortune 500 companies are instituting meditation practices as a vital component of their employee development programs. These companies include such giants as Apple, General Mills, Goldman Sachs, Google, Nike, Procter & Gamble and Time-Warner, among many others.

Mindfulness practices in corporations

The reason for the increasing popularity of meditation in the corporate sector is simple. Mindfulness meditation practices provide companies with a real source of competitive advantage by providing the following research-documented benefits:

  • Enhanced creativity, decision-making and response flexibility;

  • Improved cognitive functioning, focus and memory;

  • Better emotional intelligence, resilience and stability and enhanced self-regulation;

  • Stronger empathy and compassion; and

  • Improved conflict management and interpersonal communication skills.


White Space Mind and Body Wellness Studio offers introductory meditation workshops in a variety of formats. Their workshops range from ninety- minute classes to multi-day retreats.

The pioneering studio also offers 100 hour meditation teacher trainings for individuals who wish to share the practice effectively and responsibly.

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