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International Yoga Day takes place on June 21, 2020, so we look at the best yoga retreats around the world. There are so many unique and interesting locations where yogis can enjoy the practice with a difference. This may look like a serious practice requiring concentration and calm. However, yoga isn’t really about this. This ancient practice is really more about connecting mind, body and soul. If you can do this, you will find pure bliss. 

Rainforest Yoga in Denver Colorado


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Rainforest yoga is available at the Butterfly Pavillion in Denver. You can try yoga with a difference, surrounded by exotic plants and beautiful butterflies. The hour-long class provides a nature-centric yoga experience that will rejuvenate your mind and body. No matter your skill level, Rainforest Yoga at Butterfly Pavilion provides a unique opportunity to de-stress, unwind, and revitalise.

Yoga At Altitude at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre


Travelling yoga fans can experience a downward dog at a mile high at one of the most iconic outdoor music venues in America. The Red Rocks Amphitheatre is surrounded by views of Denver and the plains. Here, visitors can join up with others at high altitude for a (literally) breath-taking sunrise yoga session.

In addition to the stunning views, research shows that there are great benefits to working out at altitude. This helps improve your body’s ability to deliver oxygen to your muscles. Therefore, it better prepares you for lower oxygen workouts.


Yoga in the hills of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh is home to some of the most diverse landscapes in America. Most provide peaceful settings for a spot of yoga. Among these, Schenley Park is by far the largest park. It spans 456 acres and boasts of beautiful views of the city skyline.

Frick Park is known as Pittsburgh’s woodland park. For yoga, visitors should head to Clayton Hill where over 100 species of birds will surround them as they practice. Finally, Emerald View Park offers yogis a wealth of vistas in which to lay down a mat and take up the lotus position while enjoying the view.

Be Luminous Yoga in Seattle


Credit: Be Luminous, Seattle

Commemorate International Yoga Day with Be Luminous in Seattle. Be Luminous is offering fun live online classes. Their classes are for all levels so participants can jump into any class, no matter what their experience level.

Additionally, Be Luminous has free weekly meditation and connection events. Anyone can join in for a moment of stillness and community. Be Luminous yoga studio also hosts strength training classes.

Worship the sun on Florida’s Paradise Coast


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With 30 miles of white sandy beaches to choose from, beach yoga is a daily pastime for visitors and locals throughout Florida’s Paradise Coast. Marco Island, just south of the hustle and bustle of Naples, is the ideal space to take a moment to yourself.

Looking out onto the bright blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico, you’ll find the sunshine on your face and hear the sound of the rolling waves. It’s the perfect backdrop for mindfulness.

Find your flow in Greater Palm Springs

Credit : Evolve Yoga / Greater Palm Springs

This desert oasis is a favorite destination for those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation. It’s nice to start the day with a sun salutation in a place that enjoys over 300 days of sunshine.

If you’re looking for a more adventurous yoga experience, you can try aerial and trapeze yoga. The silk hammocks and straps add gravity to traditional yoga poses for increased strength and flexibility. Open to all levels, this playful practice is offered at Bikram Yoga in Palm Desert and Yoga Bliss in Palm Springs.

Paddleboard yoga in Newport Beach


Credit : Evolve Yoga / Greater Palm Springs

Relax and test your balance on the calm waters of Newport Beach with a Bliss Paddle Yoga session. With no distractions to disturb your inner peace, yogis can practice balancing and breathing with knowledgeable instructors. In a truly glorious Californian setting, this workout will be good for the mind, body and the soul.

Beach yoga in Huntington Beach

Listen to the calming sound of waves with a Sun and Sea Healing yoga class in Huntington Beach. Both individual and small group classes are available every evening as the sun sets, allowing attendees to channel their inner Zen in a beautiful setting. 

Private yoga, meditation and shaman sessions in Post Ranch Inn

Credit : Post Ranch Inn

Post Ranch Inn is one of the world’s leading resorts for luxury and relaxation. It’s also known for offering ultimate privacy. Located high atop the cliffs of Big Sur, the resort offers organic products, natural healing elements and intuitive healing arts.

For example, the resort offers Shaman sessions, fire ceremonies and drum journeys aside from private yoga and meditation sessions. The yoga sessions includes traditional asana postures, balance poses and ‘pranayama’ breath work.

Credit : Post Ranch Inn

LA Rooftop yoga in West Hollywood

You can take in another terrific view of the Los Angeles skyline at the Andaz West Hollywood. One Sunday per month, guests and locals meet for a one-hour yoga class on the rooftop panorama lounge. Complimentary Zico coconut water beverages are available and after class yoga attendees might wish to partake of the bottomless brunch at Riot House restaurant of this luxury Hollywood hotel. 

Credit : Andaz West Hollywood

Mountain yoga in Mammoth Lakes 

Mammoth Lakes is nestled into the breathtaking Eastern Sierra mountain range. It’s the perfect backdrop to develop a deeper connection with a yoga practice. Also, the Mammoth Yoga Festival from August 27 to 30, 2020 will be offering accessible yoga for all levels. There will also be educational immersions, speaker panels and live music. The organisers are also planning a yoga market filled with artisanal vendors.

Those who can’t make it to the festival can still make that connection at a local studio. The Mountain Sol Yopa offers community meditation sessions, and ayurveda. It also conducts yoga for kids, tweens and teens. Mountain Sol also hosts workshops in yoga and art. 

Yoga in South Lake Tahoe

Credit : Andaz West Hollywood

Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga is your chance to push your limits in a safe environment. It will also reinvigorate you once you’re done. However, can you handle the distraction of doing yoga over crystal clear water on Lake Tahoe?

Enthusiasts can rent a paddleboard and do a unique kind of yoga. They can exercise while looking down into the bottom of the lake. Instructors teach beginners the basics. at the Lake Tahoe Yoga at Lakeview Commons.

Beer yoga in Sacramento

Do you love Yoga and Beer? Or love beer and are curious about yoga? The ‘Beer Yoga‘ every Sunday at Big Stump Brew Co. includes a yoga class and a Big Stump Brew after the class.

It’s the perfect Sunday Funday. You can work up a good sweat before enjoying a Sunday beer. Alternatively if the sun is out, you will likely find a free yoga in the park experience somewhere in the city.

Practice under the palmtrees in Tahiti

Credit : Andaz West Hollywood

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or looking to start practising, Tahiti has something to offer. It’s the perfect backdrop. The island has tropical flora, waterfalls and pristine beaches.

The secluded beaches which surround the island are the perfect setting to work on your flow. Moreover, yogis can enjoy a post-workout coconut straight from the tree. Or they can jump into the South Pacific Ocean after the yoga session. The Ohana Yoga School Tahiti offers classes and full courses. 

Practice yoga in a Buddhist temple

Credit: Dairyuji Temple

You’ll find yoga studios in every big city. Enthusiasts will find all kinds of classes including traditional yoga and hot yoga. If you’re looking for something more unusual, you can take classes in a Japanese style of yoga known as shin-shin-toitsu-do. This is a practice that unifies the mind and body. This style dates back to the 1920s but it is still relatively unknown outside Japan.

For the ultimate detox from modern life, try a yoga retreat held in a Buddhist temple. Here you can combine your yoga practice with meditation sessions and other traditional Japanese ceremonies. Many of the instructors also speak English so the sessions are accessible to tourists.

Credit: Dairyuji Temple

Morning yoga by the shore in Hachinohe

Relax your body and mind with a morning yoga session on the beautiful Tanesashi Coast. Hosted every Saturday morning from 7 AM on the Tanesashi Natural Lawn, yoga practitioners can enjoy yoga at their own pace.


This part of the Sanriku Fukko National Park is known for its contrasting scenery of rich green, blues, and whites. It’s the perfect spot to relax and refresh, and to take part in one of the country’s most unique yoga experiences.

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