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For many travelers, great experiences of their destinations of choice often begin on the flight. While impeccable inflight service always leaves lasting positive impressions, food served on the flight is another way to make the trip memorable.

Airlines have realized the importance of serving delicious — and Instagram-worthy — meals, be it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It’s a simple way to introduce passengers to a local cuisine and pique their curiosity about what’s on their plate. After all, food not only fills the stomach, but also serves as a gateway to new and exciting cultural experiences that lay ahead.

Check out the best inflight meals we’ve had so far:

Filipino breakfast | Eva Air, Manila to Taipei

This set of Filipino favorites sends passengers off with a taste of home before they head out to explore other corners of the world. Sweet and salty — flavors Filipinos cannot live without — are fairly represented here.

Japanese lunch | Eva Air, Taipei to Tokyo

Notice the little standee that briefly describes the dishes laid out for passengers. It’s great for encouraging the hesitant eater to try out new things. Besides, what’s traveling without a little culinary adventure added to the mix?


Japanese dinner | Eva Air, Tokyo to Taipei 

Yes, the food is as tasty as it is photogenic! Done in true Japanese style, every plate reflects Japan’s love affair with meticulous food preparation. Every detail is purposeful. If this is what Japanese food is like on a plane, imagine what awaits when you land and find yourself exploring the best of the country’s culinary landscape. Yum!

Chinese dinner | Eva Air, Tokyo to Taipei

Even the sleepiest passenger itching to dim the lights and recline their chairs will find the strength to eat this Chinese dinner of classic Chinese cold cuts, dim sum and noodles. Everyone knows that a full tummy often results in deeper sleep.

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