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For over more than two decades, Bobbi Brown has been transforming how women around the world think about beauty—stressing on simplicity, confidence, and the “no-makeup makeup” look.  Best known for her eponymously named Bobbi Brown Cosmetics beauty line, Brown is a pioneer in the beauty industry for glamorising natural tones in makeup.


In the mid-1980s, Brown was just toying with the idea of launching her own line. She believed in the simple idea that makeup should look natural, and be easy to apply. The Eighties featured artistic and dramatic looks, with daring and clashing colours. Idols such as Madonna, Grace Jones, Boy George, Cyndi Lauper, and Debbie Harry brought into vogue this trend of brightly coloured glossy lips, heavy eye shadows, and impasto blush. At the time, Brown’s ideas of simplicity were new and revolutionary.

She started Bobbi Brown Essentials in 1991 after working with a chemist to create 10 natural-looking lipstick shades.

“I started by designing 10 brown-based shades that could be blended and mixed to create unique hues. It was a simple concept, but one that seemed revolutionary at the time. It all came from wanting to teach women just how simple make-up could be.”


The original brown-based lipstick shades offered a simple yet polished way for all women to embrace and accentuate their lips. 

From that first lipstick, she went on to create 10 Bobbi Brown Essentials: a targeted, edited collection of lip colours that included Salmon, Beige, Raisin, Brown, Rise, Pink, Orange, Blackberry, Burnt Red, and Red.

In the industry where ‘loud’ was the hype, Bobbi Brown made ‘natural’ the new trend. The make-up mogul introduced colours like brown, beige and pink for the next-door woman.

“As a makeup artist, I always had to “fix” any product I bought to make it look better and more natural. There weren’t any foundations that matched skin tones, and there was not a single lipstick that looked like a woman’s lips”


“Make-up is to enhance and not something for the real you to hide behind”


Brown’s philosophy talks about embracing natural beauty and using make-up to make someone feel more confident in their skin. 



In 1995, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics was acquired by The Estée Lauder Companies. From then, her brand rose quickly to a cosmetics empire that includes products like Foundation Sticks, Creamy Concealer Kits, Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner, and Shimmer Bricks. 

The brand has expanded from makeup and skincare to include fragrances, as well as a range of nail polishes, brushes and tools, and most recently, eyewear. 

The products continue to focus on enhancing—rather than covering—a woman’s best features, and are all designed with time, efficiency, and ease of use in mind. It is beauty that lets you be who you are.


Additionally, beauty is not just about appearance. Healthy looks beautiful, and it comes from the inside. Eating well, getting enough sleep, wearing sunscreen, drinking water, and exercising are all important.

During the rough patches of life, it is okay to put your hair up and let go. There is beauty in tenacity as well. It is also important to look your age and your shade. Don’t try to erase all of the lines and imperfections that trace your journey. 

Brown’s achievements aren’t limited to the visage: She is the recipient of numerous awards, a bestselling author, and was appointed by President Obama to the Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations, the United States government’s senior trade advisory panel.

Go get your glow-up favourites ready from Bobbie Brown Essentials and bask in your enriched beauty!

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