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Credit: Cartier


A love child of '70s New York, the Cartier’s LOVE collection is a symbol of free-spirited and everlasting love.

How far would you go for LOVE?

Conceptualised in 1969, the Cartier Love bracelet was designed by the young and aspiring Italian jewellery designer Aldo Cipullo. He was inspired by the concept of the chastity belt and sought to find a modern interpretation of this ultimate symbol of fidelity, purity and unity. Thus, the Love bracelet was born – an evocative and timeless concept of a piece that symbolizes the unconditional love and eternal bond between two kindred souls.

Aldo Cipullo

Lock in your love, forever.

The C-shaped halves of the bracelet unhinge to clasp together before being screwed on with a miniature screwdriver made of gold, included with each bracelet. The unique locking mechanism has become a trademark of the Cartier love bracelet and reinforces the idea that love binds and ‘locks up’ two people in a committed relationship.

Credit: Cartier

The Cartier screw, with the romantic pair of the matching Love bracelet and its corresponding screwdriver necklace, is regarded as one of the sweetest ways to say “You hold the key to my heart”. Its binding closure gives it true permanence while allowing for diverse interpretations for your unique form of love. 

The Love Collection 

The intricate detailing, handcrafted motifs, and effervescent diamonds add to the allure of Cartier Love Bracelets. Cartier offers this timeless piece of jewellery in 18k yellow gold, 18k rose gold, 18k white gold, and platinum. Some bracelets are offered with diamonds in place of the signature screw-motif. Its elegant design pairs beautifully with a wide range of adornments, from fine luxury to watches to casual string bracelets.

Credit: Cartier

This design that’s enamoured lovers all over the world, has since evolved into a fine collection to include other types of jewellery that symbolize the ultimate expression of love and devotion. Cartier’s LOVE collection now includes cufflinks, rings, earrings, necklaces, and watches.

Credit: Cartier

Today, this collection remains an iconic symbol of love that transgresses all boundaries. So, go on and surprise your sweetheart with this passionate symbol of romance and love.

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