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Crimson Resort & Spa Boracay is a haven for R&R in Boracay.

The new Boracay looked very much like the old one. From inside the boat speeding towards Station Zero, it seemed like business as usual after a comprehensive six-month clean-up. And thankfully so. I came for the white sands and the paradise vibe so I was relieved that these were still intact.

The resort is located at the far end of the island. It’s naturally separated by rocks from the teeming crowds on Long Beach but still accessible to the hopping action via a short van ride.

Unique in so many ways, the hotel is set apart from the main drag. It has a private beach nestled within a cove; and its villas and buildings stand along a hill all the way to the top, layered like a cake.

Where to find Crimson Resort & Spa Boracay

“This is the perfect getaway,” I said to myself, as Crimson Resort & Spa Boracay came into view for the first time. It was immediately impressive from a distance with its stylish modern design. Painted a brilliant white that shone in the noonday sun, its aesthetics had shades of Santorini and Florida.

A three-man band welcomed us with local tunes as we walked to the Azure Beach Club. This casual restaurant is manned by an Indian chef, and the aromas wafting from his tandoori oven called out to us so tantalizingly that we put everything on hold, check-in included.

We grabbed a menu and snag a coveted table by the window. Boracay calls for living in the moment, and right then the signs were telling us to chill and let go.

Gourmet Getaway at Azure Beach Club

Azure Beach Club offered a mix of seafood and tandoori dishes so we ordered a bit of everything. We started off lunch with fresh oysters from Aklan, small but tasty, served with vinegar and minced onions.

Then a flurry of grilled food arrived, accompanied by the tastiest nan I’ve had in a long time. How the chef managed this, I still don’t know; but the nan was crispy and fluffy, with just the right sweetness of butter and zing of garlic. I was hooked, and this became my staple for every meal until we headed back home days later.

Tandoori on the Beach

The rest of lunch continued as promisingly as it began. We feasted on tandoori salmon and shrimps; then continued onto lamb chops cooked crispy on the outside and tender pink inside. Actually, we were already full by the time the shrimps arrived.

However, the chef made a compelling case for ordering the lamb, so we gave in to temptation. It was a promising start to our holiday. And we lingered over that combination of tranquil views, a light breeze, and this delicious lunch.


Something New & Something Blue

When we managed to tear ourselves away from the beach, an unexpected postcard-perfect view awaited us in our suite. From our windows and terrace, we saw a unique scenery of architecture and nature unlike anywhere else in Boracay.

We’re so used to seeing photos of Boracay with the iconic formation of Willy’s Rock along the beach; but this is a new perspective altogether that’s just refreshing for a pretty over-photographed destination. It’s the kind of panorama you want to wake up to every morning. It’s also the last thing you’re happy to see before the sun sets.

Zen with Accents

Meanwhile, our suite’s design maximized these unique views and encouraged a harmonious flow of movement. It had a large living room with a terrace and a cozy bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows; a bathroom of huge proportions connected these in a most practical way. It was minimalist but never boring; the hotel ensured this by adding touches of color to break the neutral palette. 

Yoga on the Beach

It was so easy to just stay here all day, thinking about Travel and Life. But someone whispered that the beach was hopping with action at the end of the afternoon. So we headed down to catch the tail-end of a yoga class and a sandcastle-building activity for kids. A DJ was playing breezy tunes that made me feel I was lounging in a designer caftan instead of gym shorts. Guests were on canoes and paddle boards in the water.

My Happy Place in Boracay

People watched the kaleidoscope of colors unfold across the sky from lounge chairs propped up on the sand and from the pool. Meanwhile, waiters ferried cocktails around. The happy atmosphere was so infectious that we ordered specialty detox drinks from the bar and found a nice spot to chill.

I found my little piece of heaven at the Crimson Resort & Spa that day, and it was to be my sunset viewing point every afternoon.

Time does fly when you are having fun. The sun eventually set but the beach was awash with lights and the water in the pool was warm. We dove in for a swim while the DJ continued his lounge music mix; and it put us in the mood for partying on the beach in Boracay, living a #Travelife.

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